Are you looking for a "sweet" way to raise funds for your group's activities or charities?

Daffin's popular chocolate fundraising plans are easy to implement and very profitable for any non-profit organization. Daffin's profit margins are attractive, and the staff prepares the orders for ease in distribution.

Churches, schools and more have been selling and making profits for their activities for decades. By using the Daffin's Quality Chocolates that are widely recognizable, groups have no problem creating loyal customers year after year.

Milk Chocolate Candy Bar with Almond PiecesMilk Chocolate Candy Bar with Caramel FillingMilk Chocolate Candy Bar with Crisped RiceMilk Chocolate Candy Bar with Peanut Butter Filling Milk Chocolate Candy BarSemi-Sweet (Dark) Chocolate Candy BarMilk Chocolate Candy Bar with Pretzel Pieces Milk Chocolate Covered Single Pretzel

For more information about selling the Daffin's chocolate bar program

Call Toll Free: 1-877-323-3465
Or Locally: 724-342-2892

Besides Daffin's variety of chocolate bars, you can also have fun selling the unique Christmas and Easter Pre-sell options. Again, the ease of implementation for your volunteers and family members is well known. The Daffin family and staff oversee orders and are available for advice and follow-up.

For more information about selling the Daffin's Easter pre-sell options

Call Sandy at toll free: 1-877-323-3465 Ext 21 or 1-724-342-2892

Color brochures & prize program available 


Daffin's Advantages and Profit Margins: 

Daffin's Advantages:

*We offer an excellent variety of boxed chocolates & novelty items all displayed on full color brochures.

*All orders are individually packed by sellers name at no additional cost.


*Daffin's offers free delivery on all orders over $4000.00 Within a 100 mile radius.

Order Pick-Ups:

*All orders are to be picked up at the factory, located at 7 Spearman Ave. in Farrell, PA.

*Hours: Monday - Friday 9-4 and Saturday 9-2.


*Payment is due 30 days from date your order is delivered or picked-up.


*Tier 1 brochures designed with the same prices as in our retail stores.

Total SalesProfit MarginPrize Incentive
$501.00 - $1000.0025%1%
$1001.00 - $2500.0030%1%
$2501.00 - $5000.0033%1%
$5001.00 - $10,000.0035%1.5%
$10,001.00 - $15,000.0036%1.5%
$15,001.00 - $20,000.0037%1.5%
$20,001.00 - $25,000.0038%1.5%
Over $25,000.0040%1.5%