Fun Facts About Daffin's Candies

How many pounds of chocolate does Daffin's make each year?

Over one million pounds of chocolate.

How many different kinds of candy does Daffin's make?

Approximately 600 different creations.

What is the best selling (favorite) chocolate candy item, and what is in it?

Caramel Pecanettes are our top seller. They are made with pecans and caramel on the inside and covered with scrumptious milk chocolate.

Melt-A-Ways are our second best seller and are made with smooth rich chocolate melt-a-way centers and covered with creamy milk chocolate.

Our third most popular item is our Cordial Cherries. They are made with whole ripe juicy cherries rolled in fondant sugar to form the cordialized center, and covered with creamy milk chocolate.

What is the funniest candy name?

Happy Hooligans

What is one of Daffin's main attractions besides our wonderful chocolate?

Besides its delicious chocolates, Daffin's is known for its "Chocolate Kingdom," a fantasy land of chocolate characters that attracts visitors from across the United States. This one-of-a-kind attraction features chocolate creatures, including a turtle, a frog, a reindeer family, a large dragon and other creations that fascinate and delight.

What are some of the most fun chocolate shapes?

We have many unique chocolate molds which include the alphabet, sport figures, ballerinas, cheerleaders, jet fighters, trucks, cars, cats, dogs, and the list goes on.

When do people buy the most chocolate/candy at Daffin's? Easter? Christmas? Halloween? What are big sellers at those times?

Easter is our #1 holiday of the year!

The top three goodies that are produced are; the 1 ½ oz bunny, Peanut Butter eggs and Chocolate nut eggs with approximately 110,000 eggs produced per season.

Christmas is Daffin's second largest holiday season with boxed chocolates being the largest selling item. Caramel Pecanettes, Melt-a-ways and Cordial Cherries are the top three sellers.

What is your chocolate factory like?

Daffin's Chocolate factory is 45,000 square feet and spotlessly clean.

How many people work there?

There are 35 employees working at the Daffin's factory.

What are their different jobs?

The jobs that are at the factory include: A cook, enrober operators, chocolate decorators, candy packers and a few other various jobs.

If you would lay all of the candy bars Daffin's produces in one year how long do you think the line would be?

It would cover approximately 310 miles end to end!

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