Daffin's Events and Special Hours

  Valentine's Day


February 14, 2016

Leap Year


February 29th, 2015

A common year has 365 days and a

leap year 366 days, with the extra, or

intercalary, day designated as

February 29. A leap year occurs

every four years to help synchronize

the calendar year with the solar year,

or the length of time it takes the

earth to complete its orbit about

the sun, which is

about 365¼ days.

Swizzle Stick Day

Factory Tour


March 13, 2016

Noon to 4 pm

7  Spearman  Avenue

Farrell, Pa. 

St. Patrick's Day

March 17th,  2016

Palm  Sunday
March  20,  2016

Easter Sunday

March 27,  2016


Mother's  Day
May  8th,  2016

Father's  Day
June  19th,  2016


July  16th, 2016

Through The Decades


Three events will be held:
July 16, August 20 and September 24.

This will be the fourth season that

WaterFire has been held in Sharon.

The event was introduced during the summer of 2013,

with more than 50 braziers placed in the Shenango

River. WaterFire Sharon includes a full day of arts and

music, with evening activities commencing with a

ceremonial lighting of the braziers, which remain

burning through midnight.

Last year’s events drew approximately 60,000 visitors

into downtown Sharon, according to WaterFire’s

Board Chairman Karen Winner Sed.

“In addition to the exposure to such a world class

artistic event, there has been economic impact far

beyond Sharon,” she said. “We’re hearing stories of

increased business done in shopping, restaurants and

hotels during WaterFire weekends throughout the

region for the past three years. We know that there is a

positive residual effect as well. Visitors return year

round to the area, claiming their return is due to

having such a positive experience

while here for WaterFire.”

Plans are underway for this year’s entertainment.

More information about WaterFire Sharon can be

found at